Inspired By: The Self-Care Year

I love reading and I’ve been trying to figure out how to incorporate my favourite books into my blog–and I think I’ve figured it out!

This post will be the first in the “Inspired By” series.

In these posts, I will be sharing books, music and movies that have inspired me in some form.

My initial plan is to format these posts with a brief discussion of the book and include a photo gallery to give a relaxed and informal synopsis and review of how I found these works inspiring.

I will also be leaving these posts open as I know I will want to make further additions. Inspiration is typically not finite so neither should these posts be.

Disclaimer: This book was purchased by myself. My opinions are my own. I will only be reviewing books that I genuinely enjoyed so please expect this review to be positive and enthusiastic.

The Self-Care Year by Alison Davies

Illustrations by Eleanor Hardiman

I have no affiliation with Alison Davies, Eleanor Hardiman nor the publisher Quadrille.

You may find Alison Davies here:

You may find Eleanor Hardiman here:


The Self-Care Year is a collection of seasonal suggestions for self-care activities.

The book is ordered by the four seasons and begins in Spring–a time for renewal and new beginnings.

Each season offers activities to inspire such things as creativity, balance, peace, connection, confidence and joy.

There are also activities to exercise the senses of touch and smell to provide grounding and happiness.

And, most importantly, every season encourages us to care for our mind and our body. Suggestions include breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, activities to promote better sleep habits, physical exercises, and more.

Why I Like This Book


Before we get to the content, what initially inspired me to pick this book up were the illustrations.

From cover to cover, this book is beautiful!

There are many pastel colours and calming images.

Every season is given a colour scheme that truly feels reflective of that time of year.

It is beautiful to read as well as beautiful to see on the shelf.


Having the book organized by seasons makes it easy to use.

I often find suggestions for self-care to be overwhelming. Largely because I will want to try everything all at once. Of course, that is impossible, not only due to time constraints, but also seasonal limitations for certain activities.

It feels less overwhelming to be presented with self-care activities that we can pursue inside and outside based on the season. For example, Spring and Summer encourage us to embrace sunshine, rain and flowers. While Autumn and Winter suggest finding warmth and peace both indoors and out.

I appreciate that each season is viewed positively, and the rituals that are recommended will help us to cherish what every season has to offer.

Beyond weather, it is understood that each season brings different challenges to our overall well-being. So focus is placed on how we can improve and feel better during each season.


This book may be picked up and started at any time of the year. Yes, the first section is Spring. But you can start in the same season that you first discover the book.

I started in Summer and so began reading in section 2. The world did not end.

Remember: Today can be day one. You don’t need to wait for a new month, a Monday or the strike of a new hour. Just start.

Summer: Making time outdoors to appreciate the colours of summer, visits from dragonflies, bees and birds, and the beauty of a sunset.

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  1. I’ll have to pick up this book. Thanks for sharing.

    Btw, I see a unicorn in the cloud formation you shared.

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