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Attraction by RIOPY

This song is featured on the self-titled album RIOPY released in 2018.

I have no affiliation with Jean-Philippe Rio-Py nor Parlophone Records Limited, a Warner Music Group Company. Album images are used for reference only are the sole property of RIOPY and Warner Music Group Company.

You may find RIOPY here:


Jean-Philippe Rio-Py is a pianist and composer. His works have been featured in various movie trailers and television programs. He has released multiple albums, performed around the world and sells his sheet music on his website. And if you have ever gone looking for sheet music for your favourite songs then you will understand what a true gift this is.

I find RIOPY’s music stimulating. One piece can encourage multiple emotions and motivate reflections. It can be exciting, calming, sorrowful, and hopeful all within 3 minutes.

“Attraction” is my favourite song by RIOPY, but is not the first song I discovered. I first heard RIOPY in a fan-made YouTube video, which featured his piece titled “I Love You.” My immediate reaction was that I needed more.

“My insecurities and weaknesses find their way into my music, but also the landscapes and the people that inspire me.
I hope the music on this album can reach the soul of listeners the very same way I feel it when I play”


My Interpretation Of This Song

Based on the title of the piece, I believe it is intended to mimic a romantic attraction.

From a timid first greeting to building feelings for someone and experiencing the resulting journey (whether it turns into a relationship or not).

I will admit that it has brought certain people and relationships to my mind in that regard.

However, I also find myself reflecting on my anxious mind and perhaps while I listen to this track, I am attracting a better relationship with myself.

My relationship with anxiety can feel tumultuous at times. But I respect my anxious thoughts because I’ve grown to know they exist in an attempt to keep me safe.

Much like this piece, I’ve experienced slow moments of discovery, thoughts that seem to build and build in rapid progression, and have learned to slow my mind in order to create my own peace.

Why I Like This Song

Connect and Release

RIOPY’s “Attraction” allows me to connect with my feelings in order to release frustration and anxiety.

I’ve written before about how I often feel the symptoms of anxiety before I am aware that I am anxious about something. I will start to feel warm and sick and need to reflect in order to discover the triggering situation. Only once I discover my anxiety triggers am I able to self-soothe so it’s a very important process.

Listening to this piece creates a peaceful time for thoughts and feelings to bubble up. Most people may experience these moments with quiet meditation or slow and steady sounds. However, I often find my mind is too loud and darting around to ever offer a reflective moment.

The slowness at the beginning immediately catches my mind to slow down the overwhelming thoughts I’m having.

As the piece progresses, the speed builds and the notes offer multiple changes that allow my thoughts to each have their own moment. No, each thought is not given a lengthy amount of time. But it is enough to make me aware of the anxious thoughts holding firmly in the back of my mind.

As the song slows at the close, I find myself releasing frustration and anxiety from my body.

By the end, I feel lighter, happier and freer.


When I’m seeking a mindful moment or just want to block out my surroundings, I will turn to this piece.

I find “Attraction” creates calm and centers me so I will often play it when I’m journaling, completing puzzles or working.

Whenever I’m writing, I find the pace of the song makes me write faster and I often don’t think about what my pen is doing–I just let whatever is inside, out.

Focusing on puzzles is my greatest stress-reliever and as this piece slows my thoughts, my mind is more centered on the puzzle.

And, finally, while working, I am less susceptible to anxiety and daydreaming while “Attraction” is playing so I am more productive and concise with my proofreading.

Needless to say, this song has become very important to me.

My personal growth journey has been impacted by RIOPY’s other pieces as well so I hope to share more of his work in the future.

Please check out RIOPY through the links provided above.

Moments of focus with knitting, puzzles and journaling. Mindful meditation and always remembering to keep looking up.

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